125b                    Artur Pacut









Date and Place of Birth


18 April 1974 in Krakow



Sosnowiec, Silesian Voivodeship,

Dąbrowa Basin, Poland






Company Page










Result-orientated person. Good Organiser having features of a Leader. Conscientious. Urban space social Activist. Aesthete. Filmmaker. Automation Engineer. IBM Certified Specialist.



according to psychological tests:




a) Holland's test, V 2002

analytical, critical, detailed, independent, intellectual

b) examining vocational skills,
V 2002

good ability to induction and mathematical thinking, counting skills, very perceptive, ability to concentrate on one long-lasting task, easiness in concluding and facts associating


c) examining significant values

at work, XI 2002

development opportunity, intellectual work, good wages, prestige, creativity, independence, moral values, work for the community, possible leadership


d) examining personality type,
XI 2002

sanguine person


e) MPS Management Consulting Poland, VII 2003

organised, self-reliant, reserved, rational, helpful, warm, responsible, creative, researcher, who value order, stubborn in pursuit of the goal, seeing "both the forest and individual trees"


f) intelligence test, XII 2004

intellectual functioning above average


g) test of professional interests and preferences, II 2011

traditionalist, researcher, artist



h) 16Personalities, NERIS Analytics, I 2020

defender - brain: 57% introverted, energy: 66% observant, nature: 51% feeling, tactics: 78% judging, identity: 90% assertive


i) FRIS, III 2020

style of thinking: player, style of action: analyst







1994 – 1999


AGH University of Science and Technology in Krakow

Master’s degree in Automatics

Faculty of Automatics and Robotics Engineering, Specialization: Automation of Industrial Processes

Master thesis: Approximation Algorithms of Optimization of Quadratic Assignment Problem


In my master thesis I decided to research on Quadratic Assignment Problem. In order to facilitate my research I wrote an application in Builder C++ environment in the Microsoft Windows operating system. The executive function of created application minimizes the purpose function – a summary cost of assignment an element to a resource applying the Taboo Search algorithm. During permutations aimed to find the best solution the algorithm keeps some historical information related to the evolution of the search on so called “taboo list”. Such information is used to guide the movement from one solution to the next one avoiding cycling. Once a solution is visited by the movement from which it was obtained is considered a taboo. After some time the elements are removed from the taboo list and can be moved again. By means of the tool created by me I resolved many problems concerning QAP defined in matrices and I presented the results in my thesis.

Grade: 5.0 (very good)





1989 – 1994

Electrotechnical Secondary School in Sosnowiec

Profile of the class: Electronic devices

Certificate: Technician of Electronics

Dissertation: Device for Testing the Parameters of Operating Amplifiers with Digital Control Panel


In my diploma project I decided to examine parameters of operational amplifiers. In order to facilitate my research I constructed a model using electronic elements, which also enables to set any of the working modes of ULY7741 operational amplifier. The casing was made to ensure the highest functionality and possibly minimal dimensions of the model through separating the control panel and the main board. It was an innovation when I designed and made a power supply system with a standby function and a control system of the model by means of logic systems with digital brackets and little SIEMENS relays.

Grade: 6.0 (excellent)









May 2011 -


ARTek FILM Video Studio

Short info about the company: In May 2011 I decided to start my own business, in order to fulfil myself in video editing and making movies. 


Position: Owner


Hardware: Full HD camcorder SONY HDR-AX2000E, 2 tripods – FOTON Krypton and Manfrotto 547B, LED lamp for camcorder Accurat Lighting LL2120, microphone Audio Technica Pro37. Computer PC with the 4-core processor Intel Core i7 2600k @4,2GHz, 32GB RAM, 2 SSD disks of 512+240GB capacity and 2 standard discs of 2+2TB capacity. Video cassette recorders: VHS, S-VHS – PAL, SECAM, NTSC. Camcorders: Video8, Hi8, Digital8, miniDV. Scaner, 2 color laser and inkjet printers.


Software: Pinnacle Studio 14 Ultimate and Pinnacle Studio 19 HD Ultimate 64bit, Nero Multimedia Suite 10 Platinum HD, Windows 7 Professional 64bit


Duties, Responsibilities: I deal with making movies and transferring video materials from tapes to DVD. In 1989 I had the first contact with a video camera and since that time this passion has been lasting till now. I record the celebrations using the high quality digital camcorder, also in High Definition. Using specialist software I freely edit a movie, adding titles, music, narration, animated captions. I also cut unnecessary or too long scenes. I add a start menu to a DVD or Blu-ray disc, which allows the use of chapters/scenes – it makes navigation through a movie easier. I print a color cover on a disc, which contains a title and pictures/snapshots taken from a movie. I try to be a perfectionist also in this type of my activity.



Jan 2008 – Jan 2011



Short info about the company: A small firm concentrated on building electrical systems and small controlling systems for various types of objects like houses, flats, offices.


Position: Automation Engineer


Hardware: PC, fire protection devices, anti-short circuit protection devices, relays, time relays, switches, lamps


Software: XLPro2, MS Windows XP


Duties, Responsibilities: I got experience in preparing electrical diagrams with small control systems for houses, flats using XLPro2’s environment, I was doing installation jobs, was buying cables, relays, switches. As Project Manager I was managing works.





Jun 2007 – Dec 2007


Short info about the company: A huge Swedish company that produces white goods, with the main base in Stockholm and a lot of offices in the World. The company has many IT departments, also in its office in Krakow, where people develop applications, create documentations, and take care of servers of such producers as IBM.


Position: WMS Application Engineer


Hardware: IBM iSeries


OS: IBM OS/400 V5R4, MS Windows XP


Software: WMS


Duties, Responsibilities:  In the office in Krakow I administrated a huge application – the Warehouse Management System (WMS), which manages all warehouse movements in Poland and Hungary. The application was installed on AS/400 servers. I was sent as a delegate for training to Stockholm (Sweden), Warszawa, Siewierz (Poland), and Dublin (Ireland) where my colleagues, from the same team, taught me how to manage with the WMS. I installed PTFs for both - Test and Production environments of WMS, for Poland and Hungary.





Dec 2005 – April 2007


Short info about the company: A large company with the main base in Krakow and also with offices in Poland and in other countries. Owned by professor of AGH University of Science and Technology. The firm has many departments and two Data Centres in Krakow and Warszawa where system engineers administrate various types of servers of such producers as IBM and SUN.


Position: System Engineer


Hardware: IBM iSeries 810, 820


OS: IBM OS/400 V5R2, Linux, MS Windows XP


Software: Nagios, Postfix, Squid, Named


Duties, Responsibilities: I was responsible for customers’ servers which stood in Data Centre in Warszawa. I administrated systems, mainly IBM iSeries for Renault and a large bank. I was a manager of 2 projects. Once a month I prepared reports of the services availability for 3 customers of COMARCH. In August 2006 I got an additional function – the Data Centre Administrator. Since this time I took care of all devices installed in Data Centre (energy, air-conditioning, fire-protection system). I was responsible for the devices, I kept an order in Data Centre. I was a creator of the documentation of the Data Centre, which I made by means of MediaWiki technology.





Jan 2002 – Nov 2005


Short info about the company: A small firm concentrated on building electrical systems and small controlling systems for various types of objects like houses, flats, offices.


Position: Electrician


Hardware: PC, fire protection devices, anti-short circuit protection devices, relays, time relays, switches, lamps


Software: XLPro2, MS Windows XP


Duties, Responsibilities: I got experience in preparing electrical diagrams with small control systems for houses, flats using XLPro2’s environment, I was doing installation jobs, was buying cables, relays, switches.





Apr 2000 – Dec 2001

SPIN Sp. z o.o.

Short info about the company: A large software house located in Katowice, mainly concentrated on developing the software for the medical sector and also on selling IBM iSeries servers for customers in Europe.


Position: IBM OS/400 System Engineer


Hardware: IBM AS/400 150, 170, 270, 720


OS: IBM OS/400 V4R3, V4R4, V4R5, MS Windows 9x, 2000/NT


Databases: IBM DB2, Oracle(basics), Lotus Domino


Software: Client Access 400, SPIN ARS/400, Lotus Notes


Languages: CL/400, C, COBOL(basics), SQL


Duties, Responsibilities: I gained considerable experience in IBM AS/400 servers administrating in the OS/400 system. I was dealing with servers of Regional Health Administration Centre and Regional Blood Donation Centre. I obtained skills in servers configuration into working within the Local and Wide Area Network – HTTP, SMTP, DNS, Websphere. I learnt Command Language Programming.

I acquired skills in upgrading AS/400 servers (discs, memory, I/O cards, software). I was servicing users of the SPIN-ARS/400 application (ERP type). I am the author of the project Managing AS/400 using a mobile telephone (GSM) as well as of many other programs making work with AS/400 easier. I was the originator of servers-room modernization.

I was a participant of a 5-day training in the IBM International Education Centre in La Hulpe near Brussels concluded with a passed exam – IBM AS/400 System Operator.





Oct 1995 – Jun 1999

Nowy Kleparz Sp. z o.o.

Short info about the company: The small firm of my uncle concentrated on selling foodstuff. The firm is located at the Nowy Kleparz marketplace in Krakow.


Position: Merchant


Duties, Responsibilities: After I moved on to the second year at the AGH University of Science and Technology straight away I started my interest in my uncle's firm at Nowy Kleparz in Krakow. I helped him running the shop, which at the beginning consisted in selling goods, opening the stand, displaying them and closing the stand. The sale required a positive attitude towards the client and involved negotiating individual transactions. I helped mu uncle only on Saturdays and Sundays, sometimes also on Friday when I finished lectures. Repeatedly I was asked by the uncle to help him also on bank holidays like the All Saints Day, New Years Eve etc. I was also interested in making a shopping list, buying goods and supervising workers on other shifts. As an observer I was also attending the Board of Directors meetings of Nowy Kleparz company.





Dec 1994 – Mar 1995

McDonald’s Polska Sp. z o.o.

Short info about the company: One of the largest restaurant networks in the world, which is also located in Katowice, and where I worked.


Position: Staff Member


Duties, Responsibilities: During the first year of daytime studies at the Silesian University I got experience as a seller in a restaurant. In this restaurant I worked in a number of positions: customer service till - preparing and serving ice cream, chips, cakes, drinks; room service - keeping order on tables and on the floor; kitchen service - barbecue, rolls heater etc.










Polish - native

English - intermediate




Urban planning

Making movies and Video editing


Ballroom dancing













Driving license B

No addictions

Political orientation – independent

Religious orientation - atheist