1974 - 1981

At 2:50 p.m., on 18 April, 1974 it came in my mind that it was high time, so with the help of the doctors from Narutowicz's Hospital in Krakow, I left the motherly roof over my head and started my own independent wandering over the Blue Planet. My Father brought my Mother 13 carnations and this was the beginning of my experience with number 13. I lived with my parents at my granny Karasiowa at 13 Tyniecka Street, but soon we moved to a small, but our own flat in Skawina. Two years later a little girl came into this world in the same way. She turned out to be my sister, Angelika. Living with my Granny I spent most of the time playing with my always one-year-older cousin Mathew. At the age of four I moved with my parents to Sosnowiec as my father got a job at Wieczorek Mine in Katowice. He soon got promotion to the post of vice-manager of the Department of Electrotechnics - then everyday he was organising job for 120 employees. From the age of 4 until 7 I spent most of the time in the Number 13 Nursery School in Sosnowiec. My soul friends from this times were Gregory, and a girl that made me feel like going there at all, Magda Filus. To go for long trips my father bought a nice little car called Zastawa 750 yellow bahama. I can remember that I most liked to visit my grandparents in Skawina and auntie Wlada in the village - Stanislaw Gorny, near Wadowice. She owned quite a big farm, where, after her husband's death, she cultivated corn, potatoes, carrots, betroot, strawberries, cherries and looks after orchard bearing gooseberries, currants, plums, pear, apple and cherry trees and nuts. Together with my parents and sister I used to spend holidays in the Pieniny mountains in Szczawnica. In this time I climbed most of Pieniny's peaks among others Bryjarka, Palenica, Trzy Korony, first having been carried in a blanket on my parents' back, then by myself. Like everyone who reaches the age of 7 I decided to start my education at No.41 Primary School in Sosnowiec as it took me only 5 minutes walking to get there.